Sew in Weave with Aliexpress Kinky Curly Hair + Review

Click to watch PhiveStarHair Co. install a sew in weave and review the Kinky Curly Weave from Aliexpress. This hair will give you a natural blow out look when straightened. Please watch in HD and share!

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Kiss Heat Damage Goodbye! This flat iron uses ice to straighten hair!

flat iron uses heat instead of ice, pretty girl in snow with coat, has snowball in hands


If you’ve ever experienced heat damage like I have you know how disheartening it can be. You’ve worked so hard to grow your hair long and keep it healthy but your progression becomes ruined in one day. One day! I recently ran across a new product that will put those days behind us and revolutionize the hair care industry. That is, if it works. I’m referring to a flat iron that straightens your hair with heat instead of ice. With this flat iron, you can throw out all your heat tools and literally kiss heat damage goodbye! Keep Reading!

A Minimalist’s Challenge to All!

When I hear the word minimalism, I think of the art trend that strips its work down to the bare essentials. However, this is not what many people today are referring to when they label themselves minimalist. It is something so much more. And quite frankly, the more I hear about and research the term, the more I am intrigued. In the video above a minimalist challenges us this holiday season. Click on it to hear what he has to say.

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Black Hair Growth Secrets Revealed! Grow Long Hair Fast!!

You don’t have to be a black female to notice this lady’s hair. I’m sure she gets people of all races and genders turning heads. In this video we are privileged to learn Modern Miss Huxtable’s hair growth secrets. So, even if you’re not a black female, you’re sure to find out a thing or two you never thought of that will help you reach your hair growth goals. Click on the video to find out what they are! Continue reading

Deep Condition 3C/4A Hair the Right Way!

It’s Winter time! This is when the cold, wind, and the indoor heating systems create dryness for natural hair! It is imperative to keep your hair moisturized during this time of year with deep conditioning treatments. Continue reading

Your Health is Your Wealth – Here’s Why

your health is your wealth, lady running in the sunset

“Your health is your wealth” is a popular phrase that many people say, but do we know what it truly means? I always thought it meant that if you’re healthy you’re wealthy because health is priceless. But, I am beginning to realize that the phrase may be deeper. Keep Reading!

What Happened When A Teenager Didn’t Sleep For Eleven Days!

what happened when a teenager didn't sleep for eleven days, boy asleep at wheel in parked car

A few days ago, Ted-Ed uploaded a video on what would happen if you didn’t sleep. Basically, a high school student stayed awake for eleven days to conduct an experiment. He wanted to see how he would cope without sleep. He began to experience extreme side effects in just the first few days. According to the video, his eyes stopped focusing, he lost his ability to identify objects by touch, and he was moody and uncoordinated. You can only imagine what life was like for him by the end of this experiment. Continue reading