Two Chic Braids | Natural Hair Protective Style! ♥♥♥

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I’m always looking for cute protective styles for my natural hair that is quick and easy to do and the video above shows just that! In it, Sayrah Lee and braider takes you step by step and demonstrates how to do two chic french braids. This is a very cute hairstyle for when you don’t have the time or the money to go to the salon. Please click on video above to check it out!

I have been waiting to do this hairstyle for a long time. I would often ask my mom to do this hairstyle for me but she always refused. So I was especially happy when I found this easy technique. When the temperature drops and there is not as much moisture in my hair, I wont have to worry about my hair being dry and brittle. I also won’t have to wait on my mom because I’ll be able to do this protective style myself.

It’s always nice give your hair a little rest to keep it healthy. This hairstyle is sure to save time and make life easier. Hurry up and check out the video! Share, like and subscribe! We appreciate it! ☺


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