7 Senegalese Twists/Box Braids hairstyles for the Lazy — Easy Romantic Styles!

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Senegalese twists / box braids are a lady’s best friend for many reasons. They allow you to give your hair a break. They help your hair to grow. They also save you time and are easy to manage. Saves you time, yea Right? I sometimes find the opposite to be true. Thankfully that’s not the case with the above video. Check out Zara and Nicola’s braided hairstyles in 7 Senegalese Twists/Box Braids hairstyles for the Lazy — Easy Romantic Styles!

When I attempt to change my look up with different braided hairstyles I experience difficulties. Some of the braids hairstyles take true skill, time and effort. They can become as time consuming as styling my natural hair. I end up resorting to a simple ponytail and/or bun. I figure this was because I didn’t know what I was doing. So, I decided I would set out to find braids hairstyles that were not only chic but also quick and easy. My efforts prevail and I present you with the above video: 7 Senegalese Twists/Box Braids hairstyles for the Lazy — Easy Romantic Styles!

The hair used in this video is Xpression Ultra braiding hair color 2 and 4. You can purchase Xpression Ultra braiding hair via our link. Click here for our disclosure.

What I like about Zara and Nicola’s video is her braids hairstyles are not only quick and easy but also sexy and romantic. This is great because they will look chic wherever you go. At a wedding, you’ll look elegant. You’ll look classy at the bar-b-q. And at the gym, you’ll look hot! These braids hairstyles are definitely versatile. Simply change your outfit for the venue and you can be sure your braids will take your style up a notch! Be sure to check out the video, share, and subscribe to our channel. Thanks!

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