I failed | 21 Day Productivity Challenge Update

So, Where Have You Been?

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I apologize for not updating you guys in reference to the 21 day productivity challenge. It was a big fail and I don’t think I was comfortable with admitting that. So I’ve been stuck trying to figure out my next move. I finally decided to hop on and let you guys know what happened. In this post I will reveal my setbacks, talk about my plan for a do-over, and how I will be avoiding my previous mistakes.

What is this 21 Day Productivity Challenge Anyway?

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For those of you who are unaware, I started a 21 day productivity challenge based off of Brian Tracey’s book, Eat That Frog. In this book, Brian tells his readers to eat a frog the first thing in the morning, every morning. A frog is something you have a hard time doing. Something that you have been putting off for some time. This is the one thing that would have the greatest impact on your life if you get it out the way. An example would be updating your resume so you can apply for a better job or calling a contractor to upgrade your home it sells at a higher price. You get the idea.

So, What Happened Sis?

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I started the 21 day challenge off on the right foot. I was making my lists and eating frogs. But shortly thereafter, maybe like a week in, I started to procrastinate. I would still do my most daunting task, or my frog, but anything else I did after that was only busy work. You know, the unimportant stuff. It wasn’t long before I stopped being productive altogether. After some time, I stopped eating frogs and all the tasks I completed were meaningless and empty.

Now don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a complete loss. I mean, I went from getting nothing done to at lease moving. I had been struggling with fatigue and complete lack of motivation. So it was nice to see that I was making some kind of progress. But I was running in place as Denzel Washington said in the audio of my video This Silk Press Video Will Change Your Life. I’m glad that the book and challenge got me started but now I need to advance forward.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

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So my plan is to try this again. I am attempting another 21 day productivity challenge using the Eat That Frog method. And once again I would like you to join me. This is a great occasion to do a do-over just in time for fall. I should have more success because the summer months are usually so chill. The fall is a busier time with kids starting school and all. The challenge will begin on Friday September 7, 2018 and will go until September 28, 2018.

I have a plan that will help me avoid the mistakes I made last time. I will pick one item as my frog for the whole 21 days. That means my frog will not be changing from day to day. Hopefully this will enable me to experience success.

The Rules

Many of you already know the rules, if not, here is a briefing. Every day either the night before or the morning after, you have to make a list. This list should include the frog and then anything else you need to do for that day. Then get going and Eat That Frog. That’s it. It’s really that easy! For those of you who would like to purchase here’s the book again.

The wonderful thing with take two is that we get to start over. Some people complained the last time I did this because I promoted it only a few days before it started. This time, I’m announcing this 1 1/2 weeks before the challenge begins. So join me if you want to be more productive. I will be adding a part 2 to this post to officially announce the do-over. Let’s go eat some frogs!

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