Best Makeup Transformations 2018 for Black Women | My Melanin Favorites 🤩

Hey guys, it’s ya girl Nikki and today I’m back on Chic LadyT with a makeup compilation. This video features some of my favorite looks and amazing makeup transformations. Press play above to see for yourself.

I enjoy playing with my makeup and watching makeup tutorials. I subscribe to many beauty gurus (my mom thinks too many but there’s no such thing. It’s because I love makeup. I like how it allows you to completely change your look. You can go from just waking up in the morning, looking crusty, to full glam. As an artist, I feel that makeup is paint and the face is the canvas. And I like discovering new colors and products that makes my face pop.

My mom doesn’t understand the glam life as she never wears makeup. She does like beauty transformations though. She’s of that era before there was social media when daytime TV shows like Ricky Lake was where you tuned in to watch beauty transformations and makeovers. She remembers it being fun to watch whether it was a guest who knew they were getting a makeover or a surprise to a member of the audience.

Well some things just haven’t changed. With social media, it has become easier than ever to witness and partake in such an experience. Makeup beauty gurus share their technique and their looks with us. And it’s always nice to see the before and after when they do their transformations. Check them out in the video above. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for beauty tips and makeup tutorials.

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