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Makeup Tutorial 2017 New | Starting A Youtube Channel!

Applying makeup has always been something that I enjoy doing. I love how it brings out your artistic side and allows you to display your creativity on your face. With so many looks and techniques that you can use for your makeup, it’s hard to know where to start. Since not everyone’s automatically an expert when it comes to makeup, I launched a YouTube Beauty channel to help out. My channel, Nikki’s Beauty Life, includes makeup tutorials, hairstyles, fashion and all things beauty. Make sure to check out my first video, Makeup Tutorial 2017 New, and show some love and support. ♥

❥ About my channel:

Welcome to Nikki’s Beauty life where beautiful things happen! Here I will be doing makeup tutorials, clothing hauls, hair tutorials, and many other FUN beauty videos! I’m a broke sophomore in high school who loves finding clothing, makeup and other things for cheap. And on this channel you’ll find out how I do it. Please subscribe to my channel (its free!) and make sure to look out for more videos from ya girl Nikki.

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Korean Skin Care Secrets Revealed! Laneige Skin Care

You don’t have to be Korean to have glowing skin or to use this skincare product! Check out the video above to watch  Korean Skin Care Secrets Revealed! Laneige Skin Care.

When It comes to having glowing, healthy, skin, I am bound to try almost anything…with one exception. I usually steer clear of commercial brands. With all of the unnatural and harmful chemicals they put in their products I prefer to play it safe. But, this Korean product, Laneige Skin Care, caught my attention. It is a skin care product line based on a very natural concept. Water Science! What can be more natural or healthy for your skin…

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