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Famous Youtuber’s Big Mistake| Pewdiepie’s Racist Jokes

This famous YouTube gaming sensation Pewdiepie has made a terrible mistake. Instead of his gaming commentary, Pewdiepie’s racist Jokes towards Jews is now the viral controversy on YouTube. He made a video telling people to hold up signs saying “kill all Jews”. The worst part about it is that he paid them to do it. He claims that he was trying to see what crazy things people would do for money. But, that idea doesn’t work in his case because having people hold up hate signs against Jews takes it way too far. He doesn’t agree. Instead, He feels that others are taking his joke out of proportion. But, I don’t think being anti-Jews and making fun of the holocaust is a “joke”.

He did make a video explaining himself and apologizing for what he did. He said he did not understand why the media and news made it such a big deal. I feel, he should have known that they would make a big deal out of it because he is a YouTube celebrity. Now, because of what he did, he has made it where ads and promoters don’t want to work with him. Why would they want to support someone who is anti-Jews? In turn, his actions have affected video watchers and video makers. Ads are removing their money and support of whatever they consider to be “controversial” videos.

I know that this situation may have hurt some people because they have had descendants that have died in the holocaust. It makes me upset because not as many people were mad about what Pewdiepie did. If he had been anti-black then lots of people would been angry and gone crazy over the video. I hope that everybody can learn a lesson from this situation and be more respectful towards different races. You can check out Vo’x Article on it: The controversy over YouTube star PewDiePie and his anti-Semitic “jokes,” explained for an even more in dept look. I hope you enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to share, like, and subscribe! We appreciate it! ☺

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