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HUH? What black students are getting from Harvard at graduation is causing an UPROAR


This is outrageous, were my first thoughts as I ran across the current news. An article reported Harvard’s plan to have a “blacks only” graduation ceremony. As a conservative black college graduate, I was definitely upset. I lived on the outskirts of Boston for 10 years and I have seen some off the wall stuff. But this takes liberalism was way too far. I agreed with the writer of the article. Did our race march and fight against segregation for hundreds of years just to go backwards again?! What if whites wanted a whites only graduation? Minorities everyone would be insulted. And rightfully so! But after doing a little research I discovered that this article has taken this black ceremony out of context. What I found made me realize that this may not be such a bad idea. After digging a little deeper, I discovered the facts and will let you in on what I found!

First off,

The way the article was worded you would think that this black ceremony was forced by the college but that’s not the case. This ceremony was put together by the black students at Harvard. Not Harvard itself. The black students raised over $27,000 to do this special event for themselves. They will still attend the larger graduation ceremony with everyone else but they wanted to highlight their own achievements. I would assume that all races are welcomed to attend but this ceremony will highlight the accomplishments of the black student graduates.

I don’t see anything wrong with this. Even if it some other oppressed people group or religious body did this, I wouldn’t find it unusual or shocking. Didn’t we just have a woman’s march to highlight the achievements of women? There are activities that go on like this everywhere for different people groups. The only problem I can see would be if a privileged group decided to do the same thing. Think about it. What if men wanted to have a men’s march to highlight their achievements? Feminist and non-feminist women everywhere would be angered. The focal point in American culture for many years have been about privileged whites, especially men so they wouldn’t see the point.


Although Boston is a beautiful city, it is racist! I have never seen a metropolitan with so many different cultures and people groups intermingle and interact together but with yet very few blacks at the top. I’ve seen predominately black schools in Boston taught by predominately white teachers. I’ve seen friends with colleges degrees work low level, low paying jobs. I, myself, experienced racism first hand when applying for a job. And, although I am from the highly segregated city of Chicago I had never had such an experience before then. The black student’s Harvard graduation ceremony is a way of saying

“we are here, we are strong and we are not going away.””.

And I don’t see a problem with making a statement like that in such a racist city.


My experience in Boston taught me the very valuable lesson that “segregation” is not always a bad thing. In America there are many separate groups that help advance the whole. There are faith based hospitals and universities. This works for religious people because prayer and worship would otherwise be considered inappropriate in public institutions. There are clubs for LGBT and people with disabilities. And, there are safe spaces for women where men aren’t even allowed.  The problem is not necessary segregation but it’s when segregation gets in the way of integration. Or, when segregated groups teach superiority of one party of people and degrade another.  If you leave your “safe space” and are unable to function around others that are different than you then there is a problem.

Whether it’s mainstream media or independent blogs, news sources love to put spins on things to get our attention. And this article was no exception. After looking deeper into the subject, I am now a fan of the ceremony and think it’s a great idea for the black Harvard Grads! Whenever a black person graduates from college, it is a wonderful accomplishment and boost for our community. You add the word “Harvard” to it and we all have something to be proud of! I say congratulations to the class of 2017 and do you boo!

What do you say? Do you agree or disagree with me? Do you think this black ceremony is a step backwards instead of forward? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think.


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Disclaimer: This is my response to the black Harvard graduation ceremony. Others don’t have to agree with me. After digging a little deeper, I discovered the facts and am letting you in on what I found!


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10 replies on “HUH? What black students are getting from Harvard at graduation is causing an UPROAR”

I think the main issue I have with your response is who decides who is privileged? I’m Asian, we get very few holidays for our cultures (and no, we aren’t all Chinese) so who decides who gets what? Even if people raise the money? So men can’t make a Male day or male graduation because feminist might get angry? Ok… that’s where the huge problem lies. Who decides?

Or we just have one ceremony and keep it simple.

It’s the American culture that decided who was privileged. Definition of privilege is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people. I grew up seeing only white people on television, learning about white man’s inventions and accomplishments in my school books, and reading about black poverty rates, lack of adequate health care, high morality and disease rates. Not only did I read about it I experienced it first hand. I come from a long line of blacks and the furthest I can trace my lineage back is to a slave from Mississippi. There is definitely some white privilege in American history. Nonetheless with that being said. I don’t agree with segregation but it takes two. I have people I know who were denied pensions because they were black. As long as other people groups are still discriminated against there will always be segregation unfortunately. I just hope it doesn’t get it the way of us being able to accept one another. I don’t agree with segregation but I can understand why. Thanks for your opinion.

It’s very clear who is privileged: Caucasian males. Look at the power structure in this country and distribution of wealth. Even consider whether Black Harvard grads will truly have access to the same alumni network as Caucasian males. The privilege aspect has been multi-generational. The fact that blacks at Harvard wanted their achievements recognized is because, when they’re deserving of the recognition, alongside their white peers, they could still be passed over. I wish it were only about who gets the holidays.

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