How I Silk Press my Long Natural Hair

I finally got around to Posting a video demonstrating how I silk press my long natural hair. Click on the link above to check it out.

I confess. I am the one who used to binge watch curly to straight natural hair routines on YouTube. (I say used to because my busy schedule does not afford me the luxury to do that anymore 😢). I enjoyed watching the beauty guru’s natural hair go from being shriveled up to super long. I would wait for the anticipated end results to see where their length is at. You never know who’s rocking long natural hair until they stretch it out. I’m telling you that the shrinkage is real. Many sisters have long hair and you wouldn’t know it. Either it’s hidden under wigs or it’s shrunken up in its natural state.

Most women go to the salon to get this look but I learned how to do it myself. It took much trial and error. The end result wasn’t always silky, shiny, and bouncy. And when it was, I couldn’t seem to repeat the outcome. Nonetheless, I have finally figured it out and have it down to a science. I decided to share my process with you in this tutorial. There is one disclaimer though: the video is outdated. I have perfected my silk press technique even more! But I still wanted to share this video with you anyway. I hope you enjoy. Thanks!

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