Korean Skin Care Secrets Revealed! Laneige Skin Care

You don’t have to be Korean to have glowing skin or to use this skincare product! Check out the video above to watch  Korean Skin Care Secrets Revealed! Laneige Skin Care.

When It comes to having glowing, healthy, skin, I am bound to try almost anything…with one exception. I usually steer clear of commercial brands. With all of the unnatural and harmful chemicals they put in their products I prefer to play it safe. But, this Korean product, Laneige Skin Care, caught my attention. It is a skin care product line based on a very natural concept. Water Science! What can be more natural or healthy for your skin… than water?

Supposedly, Laneige uses water from the snow or ice capsules in the Himalayas in their products. Talk about intriguing! I know how awesome cold water is for my skin and hair so I can’t imagine snow! Also, many of the other products in their line contain other natural ingredients. These ingredients such as Moroccan clay, clove extract, and papaya, are excellent for skin. It seems to me like the Koreans are on  to something.

As someone who currently suffers from face excema and have had bad acne in the past, I can’t wait to get my hands on this! Besides, even if my skin was completely blemish free, who wouldn’t say no to absolutely gorgeous, glowing skin? You can purchase a trial version of Laneige Skin Care on amazon for a little over $5 via my affiliate link. And, don’t forget to check out the video, share, and subscribe to our channel. Thanks!

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