People Are Making Cults And Prisons In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Players of Animal Crossing Pocket Life are finding new ways to make the game even more interesting… or more like…crazy. As a hardcore player of animal crossing I do find that in order to make the game more enjoyable, you have to do some really odd things. For example, I once kept pushing one of the villagers just to make them angry. Mean right? Yea, but not exactly the same as making jails and cults.

And, although It is kind-of cruel to put animals in jail, honestly, I find it to be a little bit humorous. However, I do think that starting a “cult” is pretty insane. How exactly did that idea pop into someones head?

When I first discovered that people were making jails and cults for animal crossing Pocket life, I was really concerned. I thought that animal crossing was turning into a dark game instead of the bright happy game that it is. Thankfully,  that’s not the case. It’s just that because Animal crossing gives you a lot of power and control, you can use it for the good or bad. I mean, have you seen the many possibilities and things that you can do on that game?

I think it’s great that Animal crossing allows players to express their creativity but this is taking it to the extreme. Why put your innocent animal villagers into jail when they haven’t done any harm? Why make them stand in circles turning lamps on and off for a cult? The villagers are the ones that make up your town so why lock them away? Animal crossing is an amazing game, so let’s keep it fun, happy, and safe. C’mon, you’re the mayor of your own town and basically everyone loves you! As long as you keep your town looking nice and make sure your villagers stay, anything is possible.

I guess we will never know the reason why people do weird stuff like this, but count me out. What do you think? Are people going too far with this? Comment below your thoughts on this and don’t forget to check out my channels: It’s Nikki’s Gaming and Nikki’s Beauty Life.

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