Serena Williams’ Vegan Clothing Line Celebrates Curves While Being Friendly for the Environment! Yasss

We Are So Here For the Serena Williams’ Vegan Clothing Line Y’all!

An international icon for female empowerment, as well as a sporting prowess, Serena Williams wow’s us yet again. Though you may know her for her amazing skills at tennis, it might surprise you to learn, that Serena Williams is also quite an entrepreneur. In fact, on Instagram, she showcased her new clothing line. That is the Serena Williams’ vegan clothing line.

That’s right: Serena Williams is pioneering a new mode of fashion tailored for the future. That’s on top of her being an international sports star role model for women across the world. Check out Serena Williams clothing line, 2018’s hottest new vegan clothing line.


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Serena Williams’ vegan clothing line is being called “Serena” in a nod to its maker’s name. And though it’s a brand new line, it already has some high-powered names touting its benefits. Karlie Kloss, fellow female empowerment role model and entrepreneur, is already a big fan of the line according to Live Kindly.

Serena Williams’ Vegan Clothing Line Is For the Ladies ‘Who Do It All’

Serena Williams Outfits Trending

Besides being all business, this athlete knows how to have fun and get our attention with her outfits. Serena Williams ‘cat suit’ made headlines of late with judges ruling it a no-go for the tennis courts. Then she returned in a tutu in her match against Poland’s Magda Linette during the US Open on last Monday. That impressed many of us sistas of color. She sent a powerful message not to mess with her and other women with curves! Go Serena!


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Whether the move was un-intentional or a marketing stunt, no one can argue that it’s got social media buzzing about her clothing. And, we decided to add to that buzz by talking about the new Serena Williams’ Clothing Line 2018. I mean it’s vegan! How cool is that?

Supporting Women with Curves  All While Being Environmentally Friendly

Serena Williams’ vegan clothing line is also about personal identity and expression. She Designed it with a minimal impact to the environment in mind. The gifted star hopes that women find the clothing not only stylish and eco-conscious but more. Her desire is that the designs speak to their individuality and shed some light on their personality. Towards that end, the line will have an accessible pricing structure. Garments will range from $35 to $250 according to one website.

A quote from Serena regarding her Serena Williams’ clothing line 2018, stresses this aspect of the company:

“The customer is a girl or a woman who believes in herself, or wants to believe in herself; maybe she’s feeling unconfident that day…And someone that is unapologetically themselves, and that maybe they stand out; maybe they stand out because they are strong or they’re beautiful or they want to not be the norm. Our woman is someone who looks at fashion as a compass to show who they are, to show what they are.”

Serena Williams’ Vegan Clothing Line?

It might come as a surprise to some of us that Serena Williams designed a clothing line. But those who have known Serena for some time are not surprised by the move. They recall the athlete’s abiding love for fashion and design.

Serena Williams is uniquely equipped to push forward a vegan, environmentally-friendly option for women’s clothing. She is a former student of fashion herself. And this isn’t the first time she’s become involved with vegan companies.

She invested in vegan food company Daily Harvest. She talks about how she has become especially aware of eating healthy food ever since the birth of her daughter, Alexis Olympia. According to Serena, they keep Alexis to a very healthy diet regimen.


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“I literally have my chef total vegan. Not french-fry eating vegan. Totally eating completely healthy,” she said in an interview.

Williams hopes her new clothing line will help inspire women to live their best lives. And to pursue a path that is as unique and idiosyncratic as their individual personalities and dreams. What a neat mission.

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