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A Slim Countess Vaughn is Bald like Tamar Braxton, Big Chop Trend?

Big chop videos are always fun to watch. And for those of you who needed a little inspiration or a push to go for it, I think this just might be it. A slim Countess Vaughn from the Parkers is bald like Tamar Braxton! Is this becoming a big chop trend? Maybe these ladies were inspired by Wakanda. Press play above to find out my thoughts on the matter.

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Say Whaat?!

Instead of weaves and wigs, stars like Tamar Braxton and Countess Vaughn are now wearing their natural hair/bald heads! Countess Vaughn posted a picture of her on her Instagram without her wig and her comment section was on fire. Some showing hate. but there were many that also showed this sister some love. People were surprised no doubt, but this isn’t the first time she rocked the bald look. She has been speaking out about the problems of wigs and weaves for a long time. She has been vocal about how they made her loose all of her hair and caused a scalp infection. I say good for her! She looks great especially the color.

Maybe she was inspired to rock her bald head by Tamar who recently shocked all of social media with her big chop. And because I love Tamar, I’ve included a clip of a video that I attempted to make a about it.

My Verdict

All in all I find this to be a good thing, when these sistas with such huge influence are inspiring other black women to rock their natural hair. If you watched my last video, Who did this?! Weaves and Wigs cause balding natural hair transformations you will see the kind of damage that can be done with these air quotes “protective styles”. Once again, disclaimer I am not against wearing Weaves and Wigs but I am against unhealthy practices that some use such as gluing the install. If you can’t get away from the glue, then wear box braids or your own hair like these ladies. Looks like this is becoming the trend! What do you think? Is this a good thing that these women are doing this despite some of the backlash? Would you rock a bald head?

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Upon making this this video Countess Vaughn took one of the photos down.


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