Clever Hair Curling Hack Saves You Hundreds of Dollars! What Natural Hair Gal Will Test This?!

Let’s face it: Getting ready in the morning is not only a hassle, it’s a pain. When you have to curl your hair? Forget being on time – or having a good hair do. This is because, despite all of the accessories out there, few do a good job. Why are you wasting all of that money on worthless products, when the result is always the same?

Today, a clever hair curling hack saves you hundreds of dollars and uses nothing more than common items you probably have in your house right now. It’s the water bottle hair curling hack. This hack is going viral because it is so easy to do and the results speak for themselves.


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Rather than spend tons of money on Dyson’s product, try this hair curling hack instead. The only question is does it work on natural hair? Your hair would have to be stretched to try this but who’s going to be the first curly haired girl to test it out? I would love to see a natural do this especially since they are demoing the $500 Dyson curler wand. Which in my opinion is just a little bit too steep for my pockets.

The Steps to the Viral Hair Curling Hack

To shape your hair into natural, loose hanging curls, get a plastic water bottle and a blow dryer. You should cut one end of the water bottle off so that you can put your hair down into the bottle. You should also make an incision halfway down the bottle in order to put your hair dryer there. When you turn on the blow dryer, this will cause the hair to spin around rapidly, giving it the nice, natural curls that the Dyson product creates.


Endorsed by beauty blogger Huda Kattan, this method is a cost-effective and time-saving way of getting those awesome, loose beach curls that people love. And you save over $500 bucks when you do it this way. At a price of about $530, the Dyson curler is going to set you back a lot. A water bottle? About $1.59.

For her part, Huda Kattan was really impressed with the results and her audience agreed, many of them promising to try it out when they had the opportunity. One thing that Huda did warn about, however, was the build up of heat inside of the bottle can burn you if you’re not careful. She recommends wearing some kind of glove to protect against burns. Further, some people have pointed out that the plastic can melt after too much exposure to heat so you might have to replace your water bottle after a few uses.


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But the results speak for themselves: Long, luscious curls, all without any real effort on the part of the stylist.

If you love natural looking hair styles and can’t imagine buying another product to achieve something that is supposed to happen anyway, then this hair curling hack is for you.

The water bottle hair curling hack going viral is not only a time saver, but actually works as well.

If you’re looking to save hundreds of dollars and have perfectly curled hair every time, all you need are some empty water bottles, scissors, and a hair dryer. Give it a shot and let us know about your results in the comments.

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Sometimes we naturals will try anything to grow our hair. I remember a few years back, women were using Monostat on their scalp to stimulate hair growth. I’m not going to lie, the videos were convincing and had me tempted but I got creeped out. After that, there was the inversion method. A technique where you held your head upside down for 5 minutes. I did try this method and achieved hair growth. Maybe I will make a video on it. This time women are using Vick’s Vapor Rub on the scalp to hijack hair growth. [dead silence] Are we going too far with this? Will this work? Is this weird? In the video, I let you in on the details.

When I first discovered this technique from the YouTuber, Sonyabeonit, I wasn’t surprised. After doing some research, you can see why this works. Vick’s Vapor Rub contains ingredients in it that stimulate growth. She was spot on for coming up with this idea. Unlike other “hair growth hacks” floating around that don’t work, like aloe vera, this one is a winner.

So the verdict on this hair growth hack,

I suggest trying this method. The step by step instructions on how to apply Vick’s Vapor Rub to the scalp is in the video. But, please DO NOT…I repeat…DO NOT…apply heat with this treatment. Unless you want to be bald. Other than that, add this hair growth hack to your weekly routine and let me know the results.

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