Who Said Black Hair Don’t Grow? Black Beauty Hair is Past Her Bum!

I hear it often when I go out. My white friends are curious as to how I grew my natural hair so long. They initially think my hair is weave but once I show them it isn’t they then ask me a host of questions. Like, how is it that my hair is long when most black women they see have very short or fake hair?

Now, many of my white friends have good intentions so no shade here. It’s just that They believe that because of the few black women they see have short or fake hair that African/Black hair don’t grow.

I then explain to them that “hair growth” is completely different from “length retention”. Some blacks use products and techniques that don’t work for their hair and break it off at a faster rate than it grows. If black hair didn’t grow they would never have to do touch ups on color or perms. I mean think about it, how come your nails are short? Is it because they don’t grow? No, it’s because they break. Once blacks receive the proper education on how to care for their hair and start using the correct products, their hair flourishes. As prime example with this black beauty.

It’s time for this week’s spotlight on those beauty guru’s who are shinning out there and today I want to show some love to a sister who locks are worth noticing and to the stylist who silk pressed it. The black beauty’s hair is to her bum. Her hair long, beautiful and healthy. She clearly has been taking care of it. Press play on the video above to see for yourself.

For you Chic Ladies and Gents looking for stuff that will help grow your hair:
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Or to get your silk press like mine or the black beauty, the CHI will do it:

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HUH? What black students are getting from Harvard at graduation is causing an UPROAR


This is outrageous, were my first thoughts as I ran across the current news. An article reported Harvard’s plan to have a “blacks only” graduation ceremony. As a conservative black college graduate, I was definitely upset. I lived on the outskirts of Boston for 10 years and I have seen some off the wall stuff. But this takes liberalism was way too far. I agreed with the writer of the article. Did our race march and fight against segregation for hundreds of years just to go backwards again?! What if whites wanted a whites only graduation? Minorities everyone would be insulted. And rightfully so! But after doing a little research I discovered that this article has taken this black ceremony out of context. What I found made me realize that this may not be such a bad idea. After digging a little deeper, I discovered the facts and will let you in on what I found!

Celebrity Tea Hair

This Model Just Brought Natural Hair to the Victoria’s Secret Runway for the First Time – Yahoo News

Source: This Model Just Brought Natural Hair to the Victoria’s Secret Runway for the First Time – Yahoo News

Maria Borges , a Victoria’s Secret model, decided to rock her natural hair on Victoria’s Secret Fashion show last night. A friend just texted me a link of this story “This Model Just Brought Natural Hair to the Victoria’s Secret Runway for the First Time” which was featured on Yahoo News and I am excited! Finally, natural sisters are getting bold and going for it.