African Hair Growth Secrets Revealed | Chebe Powder Grows Hair Long, Fast!

Who says black hair don’t grow?! These African women grow their hair past their hips! Click on the video above to discover African Hair Growth Secrets Revealed | Chebe Powder Grows Hair Long, Fast!

I hear it often…

“You’re African American, that’s why your hair is longer. You know you guys aren’t fully African anymore”. And as much as I argue with people against this point, they still believe that African hair doesn’t grow. I tell them that hair grows from the scalp and no race is exempt from that. I try to explain the difference between hair growth versus hair retention. And, I give the example of black people growing amazing lengths from loc’ing their hair as evidence of this fact. But no matter what I say they still stay stuck on their incorrect viewpoint that black hair don’t grow.

Well, guess what!

I stumbled across this mini-documentary that made me smile a knowingly grin. African women from Chad grow their hair beyond hip length! Their hair is kinky curly and LONG. Their secret is a combination of different ingredients that they ground into a powder. This powder, called Chebe, is applied to the hair shaft. First, they wet the hair and apply an oil of choice. Next, the moisture is locked with the Chebe powder. You can check out the full process in the documentary and maybe purchase some for yourself. Chebe powder is starting to become for sale online. You Can purchase it by clicking on the photo:

Not to sound arrogant but black is beautiful and I enjoyed watching these African ladies apply the chebe powder to their beautiful long natural hair. Don’t take my word for it, make sure to check out African Hair Growth Secrets Revealed | Chebe Powder Grows Hair Long, Fast for yourself.


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