what women are putting on their scalp for natural hair growth will surprise you. hair growth hack

What Women are Putting on their Scalp for Natural Hair Growth Hack Will Surprise You

Many of my subscribers have asked me if this particular hair growth hack works. So, I decided to make a video on it. Check out the video below to find out “What Women are Putting on their Scalp for Natural Hair Growth Will Surprise You.”

Sometimes we naturals will try anything to grow our hair. I remember a few years back, women were using Monostat on their scalp to stimulate hair growth. I’m not going to lie, the videos were convincing and had me tempted but I got creeped out. After that, there was the inversion method. A technique where you held your head upside down for 5 minutes. I did try this method and achieved hair growth. Maybe I will make a video on it. This time women are using Vick’s Vapor Rub on the scalp to hijack hair growth. [dead silence] Are we going too far with this? Will this work? Is this weird? In the video, I let you in on the details.

When I first discovered this technique from the YouTuber, Sonyabeonit, I wasn’t surprised. After doing some research, you can see why this works. Vick’s Vapor Rub contains ingredients in it that stimulate growth. She was spot on for coming up with this idea. Unlike other “hair growth hacks” floating around that don’t work, like aloe vera, this one is a winner.

So the verdict on this hair growth hack,

I suggest trying this method. The step by step instructions on how to apply Vick’s Vapor Rub to the scalp is in the video. But, please DO NOT…I repeat…DO NOT…apply heat with this treatment. Unless you want to be bald. Other than that, add this hair growth hack to your weekly routine and let me know the results.

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