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HUH? What black students are getting from Harvard at graduation is causing an UPROAR


This is outrageous, were my first thoughts as I ran across the current news. An article reported Harvard’s plan to have a “blacks only” graduation ceremony. As a conservative black college graduate, I was definitely upset. I lived on the outskirts of Boston for 10 years and I have seen some off the wall stuff. But this takes liberalism was way too far. I agreed with the writer of the article. Did our race march and fight against segregation for hundreds of years just to go backwards again?! What if whites wanted a whites only graduation? Minorities everyone would be insulted. And rightfully so! But after doing a little research I discovered that this article has taken this black ceremony out of context. What I found made me realize that this may not be such a bad idea. After digging a little deeper, I discovered the facts and will let you in on what I found!