Kiss Heat Damage Goodbye! This flat iron uses ice to straighten hair!

flat iron uses heat instead of ice, pretty girl in snow with coat, has snowball in hands

If you’ve ever experienced heat damage like I have you know how disheartening it can be. You’ve worked so hard to grow your hair long and keep it healthy but your progression becomes ruined in one day. One day! I recently ran across a new product that will put those days behind us and revolutionize the hair care industry. That is, if it works. I’m referring to a flat iron that straightens your hair with heat instead of ice. With this flat iron, you can throw out all your heat tools and literally kiss heat damage goodbye!


Your Health is Your Wealth – Here’s Why

your health is your wealth, lady running in the sunset

“Your health is your wealth” is a popular phrase that many people say, but do we know what it truly means? I always thought it meant that if you’re healthy you’re wealthy because health is priceless. But, I am beginning to realize that the phrase may be deeper.