Dating in High School is Pointless!

Hey guys I’m back!

A lot of things have happened since I took a break from writing articles. I have been able to invest more time in discovering who I am and learning from experiences. And one thing I’ve learned is that dating in high school is pointless.

black girl staring off into space. Dating in High School is Pointless

Being a junior in high school I am often pushed to do things that I would never do by people that I wouldn’t even call my friends. Often times I find myself in situations that I am very uncomfortable with and have to get out of. I recently got into my first relationship ever (which was really dumb) and had a very bad experience. It wasn’t bad because he was a bad person, it was bad because it distracted me from school and from my emotional development as a teenager.

Match Made in Heaven

First things first, the guy and I had nothing and common. He was a punk rock guy and I consider myself to be a sort of preppy girl. His past is questionable and I am being raised in a good and loving family. He was depressed and sometimes angry and I am a happy optimist. His grades weren’t the best and mine were good. Overall we both did not have the same values and upbringing which is an absolute must in a relationship. So, although he is a nice person those contrasts made a world of a difference.

couple fighting dating in high school is pointless

Listen to Your Parents?

The stress of whole thing was unbearable. Just the fact that as a teenager we are so young and have yet to discover what we want in life let alone relationships. The whole thing was not wise. My mom had been teaching me for years and years that relationships so young are not good and wont progress into anything. For some reason because she had told me that so much it was just going in one ear and out the other. It wasn’t until my step-dad told me that it was a very stupid decision did I realize that I needed to get out of the relationship as fast as I could.

All is Well that Ends Well

I also think that because it was coming close to that time of the month I was not able to make rational decisions. To be honest I wanted out of that relationship as soon as I got into it and surprisingly he felt the same. I guess we both knew it was stupid but just didn’t have the guts to tell the other person.

Dating in high school in my opinion has no benefit. You constantly have to worry about the other person while still juggling school. Not only is it a distracting but its a waste of time. And also as a teenager I still have parents that have authority over me that I have to listen to. Somehow I had to discover this through experience and now I know that I need to work on bettering on myself. Making sure that I know what direction I am going in life. And that’s exactly what I will be doing.

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