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R Kelly Claps Back At Accusers and Jada Pinkett Speaks Out Against Him!

R Kelly blows up social media again. Lifetime aired a documentary series called,”Surviving R. Kelly,” this past weekend. This documentary exposed more of the truth about his disgusting behaviors. After watching it, you understand that R Kelly is a sick person who preys on young underage girls.

In “Surviving R. Kelly”, you hear from stars like Wendy Williams and John Legend, and from those who were around R Kelly. And of course, the survivors, are finally able to share their stories. After this documentary aired many took to social media to express their reaction. And that includes several celebrities.

Jada Pinkett Smith voiced her disapproval about how R Kelly’s music sales has gone up since the release of the documentary. “I’m having a really difficult time understanding why,” Jada Smith said in a video on IG. “I think it’s important that I understand why. I really would like for you guys to help me understand what I’m missing.”

Jada Smith also said that she would continue the conversation on her “Red Table Talk” show on Wednesday. Here’s the clip of what she had to say:


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Already, R Kelly is clapping back against his accusers and critics. According to TMZ, he and his team is coming out with a website called surviving lies to “expose all of his accusers as liars”. He already launched the facebook page while the website is being built (we will not be linking to it).

Update: R Kelly’s Facebook Page “Surviving Lies” has been disabled by Facebook.

Some on social media are upset that it took for a documentary to come out against R Kelly for people to reach the conclusion that many already knew? However, none can argue that society dismissed these women in the past. Hopefully this documentary will help them get some relief and bring them closer to justice.

#MuteRKelly is the new hashtag floating around on social media. Those who are in an outrage are using this to show their support for the survivors and their disapproval of R Kelly.

What do you think? Did you see the documentary?

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