This Chi-Town Stylist is a Silk Press Master

This Chi-Town/Chicago stylist is a Silk Press Master 😲. Press play above to find out why John W George is a beast with the flat irons.

I am from Chicago, Shout out to my Chi-Town peeps, and I couldn’t help it but to show love to a local stylist who is a beast with the flat irons. This week’s spotlight is on John W George and his silk press. His natural hair transformations make you want to fly to Chicago, from wherever you’re at, and book an appointment. Or, maybe just catch the bus for you fortunate ones that are local. But, Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself in the video above.

If you’re looking for a good flat iron to do your silk press I would suggest the CHI. I use this one and have also seen John W George use this in his videos.

Quote of the Day:

Successful People Build Each Other Up. They Motivate, Inspire, and Push Each Other. Unsuccessful People Just Hate, Blame, and Complain.


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