Ants Trapped In Acrylic Nails are a New And “Disgusting” Fashion Trend by Nail Sunny

This new trend by Nail Sunny of ants trapped in acrylic nails has been termed as “disgusting” by many. And we agree.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’d be grossed out!

On Nail Sunny’s Instagram page, they posted a video of long manicured nails with ants suspended in it. This video has cause a lot of turmoil. The manicure of ants trapped in acrylic nails by Nail Sunny is shaking everybody up. People are in an utter state of disgust and shock.

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Imagine this:

You go to a parlor to get yourself a nice manicure and they offer you one where your nails get filled with live ants.

Yes, that is exactly what Nail Sunny is offering in this new manicure.

Ants Trapped In Acrylic Nails by Nail Sunny
Image Credit: @nail_sunny via DailyMail

What’s The New “Ant Manicure” About?

The long nails with a hollow tube filled with ants is shocking in and of itself. But, people are more concerned with the salon being ‘cruel’ for picking up live ants off the ground and putting them in the manicured nails.

Based in Russia, This isn’t the first time Nail Sunny has been in the viral spotlight. It has offered bizarre nail trends in the past too. But this time, the ants trapped in acrylic nails have seem to blow things out of proportion.

Nail Sunny was in immediate hot waters when it shared the new manicure video online. It became viral the second they uploaded it. It has been viewed over a million times already. The salon has 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

In the video, you can see a woman modeling her hands with these ant filled nails. Followers were disgusted and in an state of shock as to what gave birth to this horrific trend. People took to social media to share their disbelief, as they accused Nail Sunny of abuse. The ants trapped in acrylic nails has, thus, caused a lot of uproar.

Cruelty Or Bizzarity?

While some commentators could not get past the cruelty, others, were able to look past it. But they still found it bizarre. One person responded to those folks by pointing out that “the ants would eventually die in the nails and would leave you with lifeless ants in hollow tubes”. Cruel.

Nail Sunny, has, found itself in a middle of a boiling controversy for their ants trapped in acrylic nails manicure. People have called it ‘disgusting’, ‘horrifying’ and labeled them as a brand that promotes animal cruelty. They are calling them insensitive for doing this to insects. One commentator even questioned their caption that says, “No animals were harmed in the process”. He challenged the salon for not considering ‘insects’ as animals.

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Regardless of the perspective you look at it at, Nail Sunny ants trapped in acrylic nails is a new fashion trend emerging from Moscow. But it doesn’t look like it will see the end of the tunnel. For the masses have been in utter uproar, disgust, and objection of the trend.

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