Self Care

A Minimalist’s Challenge to All!

When I hear the word minimalism, I think of the art trend that strips its work down to the bare essentials. However, this is not what many people today are referring to when they label themselves minimalist. It is something so much more. And quite frankly, the more I hear about and research the term, the more I am intrigued. In the video above a minimalist challenges us this holiday season. Click on it to hear what he has to say.

Mental Health

How to Change Negative Character Traits

how to change negative character traits, man outside in nature overlooking view of mountains, dark foggy day, peaceful, sad

When we dislike a behavior we do, many times, the tendency is to fix or suppress the issue. Unfortunately, with those approaches, the problem is still there. Rarely do we go deeper and attempt to discover how to change negative character traits.

You can imagine the “fix it” approach to a doctor who gives you medicine for a headache when you have a hemorrhage.