Length Check, Giveaway Winners, the Tea on Where We’ve Been, and More!

Where Has Chic LadyT Been?!

I know we went missing, so I thought I’d finally make a video on what happened. Chic Lady T put an event on in October and had to turn around and get ready for a Young Black Leadership Summit-YBLS right after. This was further complicated when I and the other attendees received an invitation to the white house from the president. So we were swamped with getting ready for all these things.

In the next series of videos, I will be spilling the tea on the Young Black Leadership Summit, Turning Point USA, and YouTuber Candace Owens. This channel will probably move in the direction of tea sipping on mainstream stories about blacks. TBH, I am reluctant to give any air time to the YBLS and the peoples involved because to me these political people are weirdos. And any attention, even negative attention, is good attention. But as I was personally there I will be putting in my two cents. Other than that I could care less. I am not interested in politics. I am straight up disgusted.

Change of Direction for Chic LadyT?

This video will also be speaking on ideas for the direction of this channel. We care about the black community so Chic LadyT would like to focus on our issues and black empowerment. That’s in addition to gossip and trending headlines. There would still be hair videos but they won’t be the main focus.

As for my hair, I do a quick length check in this video. After making this video, I trimmed off inches so it can be healthy. I want to cut it all off but I’m not that brave yet. We’ll see.

Congratulations to the giveaway winners! Please inbox us.

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