Traptorial – Viral Black Makeup Video on Instagram #SheWinning

Happy New Year everybody! How about starting your day with some trap music? That’s exactly what this young makeup vlogger did and more. Check out her unique creation traptorial above. This is sure to give your morning a boost.

Traptorial What’s That?

Chelsie Worthy is a vlogger who knows how to mix it up. Literally. In the video above she combines trap music and makeup to get traptorial. A makeup tutorial that looks like a music video. On Instagram, she told everyone that she edits her own videos. She also said that she’s humbled by all the attention she’s getting. She’s a beauty with brains and grace. It’s not everyday you see all that in one package. You go girl!

traptorial viral makeup screenshot of wvrthy instagram post

Traptorial, Confusing or Inspiring?

I was confused when I first discovered her video on Instagram. Mostly because I was watching without the sound (duh!). But, once I figured out what Chelsie was doing, she impressed me. Traptorial is catchy and creative. And, I can see this becoming a trend. At the very least, it can motivate you to do your makeup on those lazy days. You can find her on Instagram @wvrthy for more traptorials and on YouTube Chelsie Worthy. Check ya girl out.

Yay or Nay?

What do you think? Will traptorials be a trend our not? Leave your comments below to tell us what you think.

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