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Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve posted on here…roughly 3 months. I didn’t want to go another day without hopping on and letting you know what’s going on. We are in the process of redesigning the site. Merchandise like graphic t-shirts, socks, and pillows will be added. Some will reflect black culture and some will just be fun and funky. We are also setting up a tee-spring account. The shirts will be more expensive on Tee-spring because of their fees. But you will also be able to buy everything cheaper here, on our website, as we will have sales and coupon codes. Also, we are hosting an event so the time we’ve spent working on that has also taken away from the blog. Chic LadyT YouTube channel is up to date though, so make sure you subscribe and check us out there. We are approaching 30,000 subscribers and have a monthly cash giveaway to give back.

As far as this blog is concerned, Please stand by because new content will be coming soon. Also, sign up for Chic LadyT newsletter to get a free video lesson on How to Grow Long Hair | 8 Tips for Longer, Thicker, Healthier Hair! You will receive our articles/videos delivered directly into your inbox. This is good because YouTube notification system no longer seems to work properly. You want to be alerted when we release new videos. Thanks for reading and subscribing. We’re looking forward to a fun fall.



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