Viral Black Makeup Videos on Instagram # BlackGirlMagic

There’s so much creative stuff going on in the beauty world especially on social media that It’s hard to keep up with it all. So, I decided to start shinning a spotlight on some of those beauty makeup artists who are killin’ it out there. Press play above to watch Viral Black Makeup Videos on Instagram # BlackGirlMagic edition.

Today, this video is all about the melanin. This beauty collaboration features black makeup videos that are going viral on Instagram. And by viral we mean videos that have been reposted multiple times and/or who’s view count have reached the 100’s, millions, and climbing. So enough with my rambling sit back, relax, and enjoy you some #blackgirlmagic.

Please support the beauty guru’s in the makeup compilation by following them on instagram and subscribing to their YouTube Channel. Also, are you a black beauty channel? If so, feel free to introduce yourself and drop your link in the comment area. Thanks for watching/reading.

Photo Credits:
@artsyandblack and @ashish
@wvrthy (photo collab)

Video Credits:

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2 thoughts on “Viral Black Makeup Videos on Instagram # BlackGirlMagic”

  1. I’ve seen this all over my discover page on IG and have been living for it every single time it’s done! I’m too chicken to try it myself, but I’m tempted now.

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