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Imagine not wearing your hair for 5, 10, or 15 years because it’s been badly damaged by wigs and weaves. Feel the relief and freedom you will have when you finally rock your OWN hair that grows out of your OWN scalp for the first time in a decade. That’s probably how these women feel when they leave this salon. The Razor Chic of Atlanta Salon ain’t no ordinary beauty shop. The women go in with badly damaged hair and balding spots and leave out with amazing hair transformations. Press play above to see for yourself.

The owner Jasmine Collins aka RazorChic is a stylist located in Atlanta who restores people’s hair. And she is passionate about what she does. On her Instagram @TheOfficialRazorChic, she inspires others by posting her clients back stories and their before and after pictures. She offers products to help women grow their edges and balding spots. And she bashes the black hair industry for misleading and mis-educating people when it comes to wigs and weaves. (Quick disclaimer, I don’t think she has a problem with wigs and weaves but with the unhealthy way it’s being installed like gluing it to the scalp). Not only is she vocal about the issues in the black hair community, she is actively doing something about it. As you can see in this post where she says quote “on a mission to turn around the black hair industry.” I admire that as I am also on a mission, to help my sisters and brothers heal, grow, and succeed in every area of their life, starting with their hair.

Razor Chic offer online courses where she teaches her techniques to other stylist who may be interested. And she offers days where stylist can come in to shadow her. She is definitely doing it big. Just a few days ago her passion got her featured in the New York Times. Way to Go girl!

So even if your hair doesn’t need restoration, you couldn’t help but follow her because besides being very talented and successful she is also a Classy Chic Lady.

It’s time for this week spotlight on those beauty gurus who are shinning out there and Today it’s all about TheOfficialRazorChic, a stylist who is changing lives with her amazing hair transformations. See for yourself.

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