Your Health is Your Wealth – Here’s Why

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“Your health is your wealth” is a popular phrase that many people say, but do we know what it truly means? I always thought it meant that if you’re healthy you’re wealthy because health is priceless. But, I am beginning to realize that the phrase may be deeper. In today’s culture, poor dietary habits are the norm, many live sedentary lives, and a high rate of disabling diseases prevail. And since poverty levels seem to correlate with these sad statistics, is it that our health is priceless? Or, is it that our poor health and unhealthy living habits affect our ability to be wealthy?

There seems to be a dollar trade off for being unhealthy. When you’re sick, its harder to produce wealth because you lack vitality. Also, your condition sets you back financially because it cost you money. That’s not just in doctor bills either, but it cost you your time and your ability to earn and grow more money. Many people recognize that they are unable to work a regular 9-5 because of their health problems, but have yet to make the connection of their condition to the lost of time and potential earnings.

Then, there are those that neglect their health at the expense of advancing in their careers. They put the cart before the horse. This may work in the interim but the strategy fails in the long run. After some time of neglect, their health begins to catch up with them and starts to fail. As a result, their business efforts to come to at a staggering halt. Their poor health has literally handicapped their forward progress.

In many of the studies done on the habits of the rich versus the poor, you will see that the rich are more likely to take care of themselves than the poor. They are more likely to exercise on a regular basis and eat healthy.

I don’t think this is because they have some mystical wisdom or something that the underclass lack. I think this may be strategic. The rich know that the sicker you are, the less energy and time you have. And the the less energy and time you have, the less you are able to work or manage your business to become wealthier. They know that the reverse is also true. The healthier you are, the more energy you will have, and the more you are able to work to grow wealthy.

So, let’s be like the rich and make our health a top priority. You body and wallet will thank you!

Cheers, to your health because it truly is your wealth!

So What About You?

Have you been guilty of neglecting your health like I have? What kind of suggestions do you have of how we can make our health a top priority?


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It is so true, studies show a correlation between wealth and health. It only makes sense, the more educated you are, the more wealthy you are and thus the more you can afford to be healthy as it is quite pricey to get the better products.

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